The online program offers several features that combine innovative technology with academic rigor that prepares students for life after high school, whether that is post-secondary learning or a concentrated career.

Supportive Staff

Highly-qualified teachers spend frequent and dedicated one-on-one time with students

College Readiness

A-G courses, college tours, and scholarship & financial aid workshops prepare students for post-secondary education

Continuous Enrollment

Students can enroll virtually any weekday of the year

Blended Learning

OFL Virtual combines online instruction, independent study, group projects, and experiential learning, ensuring success for all students

Experiential Learning

Carefully designed experiential learning trips push students out of their comfort zones and teach them how to set goals and overcome any obstacle

Latest Technology

Students are provided Chromebooks to complete the fully online course material and tests, ensuring an online education is available to all students regardless of income


Offering personalized schedules that balance academics with personal and professional responsibilities

Safe Space

Enjoy the comfort and safety of homeschooling with the convenience and resources of a traditional brick-and-mortar school

Special Education Resources

Counseling and special education services help every students receive the attend they need

Learning Support

FREE live tutoring in core classes is also available when additional support is needed


OFL Virtual offers a full sports program to students, including passing league football, basketball, volleyball, softball, cheerleading, and soccer

Year-Round Instruction

With no long break, students do not suffer from the pitfall of a summer learning gap