What is a virtual school?

Also called “online school” or “cyber-school”, a virtual school is an institution that teaches courses entirely or primarily through online methods.

Is the diploma received from OFL Virtual the same as a diploma at a traditional high school?

Yes. OFL Virtual is a WASC accredited public charter school approved by the California State Board of Education that meets or exceeds all high school graduation requirements.

Does OFL Virtual offer summer school?

Yes, OFL Virtual is a popular option for students looking to make the most of their summer by completing schoolwork at their own pace while still having time to be with friends and family or work a summer job.

Does OFL Virtual offer special education?

Yes. OFL Virtual is proud to work with Partners in Special Education (PSE) to provide support to OFL Virtual students with mild to moderate disabilities or learning impairments, including but not limited to dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and hearing/speech impairments. PSE also provides all OFL Virtual students regular access to School Psychologists for general guidance, grief counseling, and crisis intervention.

What happens when a student is struggling with course material?

As an OFL Virtual student, you can reach out to your teacher or your teacher may recommend tutoring to you. Tutoring sessions are free and are done through online chat (audio or video, depending on the student’s preference).

What type of computer, laptop, or tablets will I need?

Equipment meeting the technology requirements is available to all students free of charge. IF you wish to use your own device, OFL Virtual’s online platform is compatible with most computers, laptops, and tablets.

How quickly can I get started?

As soon as you’ve submitted all appropriate paperwork and signed the required documentation, you will meet your Academic Mentor to go over your credentials and begin earning credit.

Are there admission requirements?

OFL Virtual accepts any student who meets all three of these requirements:

(1) is at the 7th to 12th grade level and under the age of 20*

(2) is not enrolled in an equivalent educational program, e.g. another public high school

(3) resides in Los Angeles County  or one of its contiguous counties

*OFL Virtual will continue to serve students 20 years of age or older who are currently enrolled in the program, have been continuously enrolled since the age of 19, and are making satisfactory progress (4 credits per month). If on or after the 20th birthday, a student fails to make satisfactory progress in any given month, discontinues enrollment for any reason, or turns 23 years of age, the student’s enrollment will be terminated with no option to return.

What documents do I need to enroll?

Students must provide the following documents in order to enroll:

  • Transcripts with all credits earned to-date
  • Date of withdrawal from last school attended (disenrollment date)
  • Proof of residency

Is proof of immunizations required to enroll?

No, immunization records are not required to enroll in OFL Virtual.

Is OFL Virtual free?

Yes! OFL Virtual is completely FREE for students. OFL Virtual also offers students Chromebooks with built in webcams for FREE. No physical books or packets are required.

Can I enroll simultaneously in another private or public school?

No. OFL Virtual students may not be enrolled in an equivalent educational program, but may be simultaneously enrolled in community college, adult school, or in ROP for courses not offered by OFL Virtual.

Do I need to attend class every day?

Every student is required to login every day for a minimum of one hour. However, depending on a student’s class load they may be required to be online for 4-6 hours per day. A student’s schedule is dependent upon his or her individual learning plan.

What is the maximum student-teacher ratio?


Does OFL Virtual prepare students for college?

Yes! OFL Virtual’s independent study and blended learning structure prepares students for the personal and academic rigor required to successfully attend a university. OFL Virtual offers core high school courses, AP courses, foreign languages, arts, innovative science labs, and career technical education courses to prepare students for success upon graduation. Dual-credit courses and SAT/ACT prep classes are also available for maximizing strengths and improving skills, creating a more competitive edge for college acceptance.

Are OFL Virtual courses NCAA approved?


Will I have the opportunity to interact with my teacher and other students?

Yes! Lots of interaction opportunities exist via our online platform. Screen sharing and video chat that enables student-teacher and student-student interaction, facilitating lively group discussions.

How can parents keep track of their child’s work?

Students are assigned a primary teacher, known as an Academic Mentor, that will track student progress and report to parent’s bi-weekly. This could be through phone conference, virtual meetings, or emails, whichever is most convenient for parents. Parents are provided an eBackpack account, a system dedicated to parent-teacher communication, to monitor students’ progress and communicate with teachers.

How do parents keep in touch with teachers?

Parents can communicate with teachers via email, virtual meeting requests, and messaging/chat.

If I already received my G.E.D., can I enroll in OFL Virtual?

Yes. However, students who have received a high school diploma are not eligible for enrollment.

Can I attend OFL Virtual for a limited time and then return to my original school?

Absolutely! Students frequently come to OFL Virtual to get caught up on credits before returning to their original school to graduate on time with their peers.

Can I attend OFL Virtual if I work full or part time?

Yes. Many OFL Virtual students work full or part time jobs and continue to excel academically. OFL Virtual teachers will work with you to accommodate your schedule.

Can I attend if I’m pregnant or parenting?

Yes. As a mostly independent study program, OFL Virtual allows young mothers and fathers more time with their family. Teacher appointments are flexible and can be adjusted to accommodate for doctor’s appointments and other needs.

What are OFL Virtual’s graduation requirements?

To be eligible for graduation, OFL Virtual students must successfully complete 220 credits in specific disciplines and 10 hours of community service.

How can I get a copy of my transcript?

For transcript questions, please call the Accountability Department at 626-214-1830.

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are publicly funded schools operating independently of local public school systems, but are usually sponsored by an existing public school board of education. Charter schools must be non-sectarian, and cannot charge tuition or discriminate by residency, race, religion, or economic status. Charter school staff and teachers are allowed more room for innovation in curriculum design and teaching methodology. This freedom is afforded to charter schools in return for greater accountability in student achievement.