Ask Students To Dream Big

OFL Virtual helps guide students toward their dream and goals through hands-on activities and unique cultural perspectives. Our Experiential Learning programs are developed to show students they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. Each experience revolves around a central theme (such as leadership or activism) and activities are designed to teach students how to set goals, both as a group and individually, and overcome any obstacle.


Blackbird Farm

A certified organic homestead that offers students the chance to learn about and experience sustainable living and healthy eating while connecting with peers and nature


Rocky Mountain Pathways Ranch

Students focus on teamwork and leadership development as they take over all operations of the 62.5 acre traditional dude style ranch located on the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park


College Tour

Three-day college tours inform first-generation college attendees what to consider when selecting a school, including size, major and minor programs, clubs, and campus life


Washington, D.C.

Across a six-day trip to our nation’s capital, students visit museums and landmarks and analyze historical figures and the impact of their actions. Students are encouraged to develop their own leadership styles and become advocates of change in their community


Hello Havana!

A cultural excursion where students visit local homes and historic landmarks, discuss Cuban life with locals, and take salsa dancing classes, imbuing students with Cuban culture and tradition


Viva Italia!

An 11-day trip through Venice, Florence, and Rome submerges students in Italian culture, cuisine, and history as they come face-to-face with priceless works of art, learn to make pasta, and tour the Vatican and Roman ruins